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In this article about advanced bowling tips we are going to discuss quite a bit about the physics of bowling, friction, speed of the ball, etc. Your maximum bowling ball speed happens at your point of release. When the ball is released the friction between the bowling ball and the bowling lane will cause the ball to slow down. You can expect your bowling ball to slow down about three miles per hour from release to the ball striking the pins.

Oil on the lanes can also affect the friction between your bowling ball and the bowling lanes. The more oil on the lanes the less friction there will be and the faster your bowling ball will roll down the lane. Obviously the heavier ball you use will also affect the friction between the bowling ball and the lane.

A ball speed of 17 mph is considered slow, and above 19 is consider over average or fast. The easiest way to figure out your ball speed is to have somebody use a stopwatch and record the time from when the ball is let go until it hits the pins. The length of a bowling lane is sixty feet. So divide the distance by time. If it took four seconds for the bowling ball to hit the pins you would divide 60/4 =15 ft/sec this would be considered a slow ball speed.

Another measurement you can check yourself is to figure out how many spins or revolutions your ball gets when you release it. This is how you calculate revolutions:

  • Put a piece of white tape above the finger holes on your ball
  • Roll a regular shot down the bowling lane
  • Have a friend count how many times the tape goes around the ball until it his the pins. An easier way is if you own a video camera as you can do it in slow motion.

It is a very good idea to learn these advanced bowling tips and physics of bowling if you want to become a better bowler. I can almost guarantee you that professional bowlers study physics of bowling. Visit the other pages on the site to find more advance bowling tips.

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