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This article will explain how to learn a simple hook release. Please keep in mind you should have your own bowling ball in order to perform this release preferably with fingertip grips and some kind of reactive surface.

In order to make proper use of this release please be read the Bowling Approach Tips article and be sure that you can perform your approach consistently. If you do not have a good approach you will not have a very strong or consistant release.

As you start into your slide with the left foot in the fourth step you want your thumb to release on the downswing. Because of centrifugal force the ball will not fall out of your hand. This takes some practice and getting used to but the thumb must come out of the bowling ball on the downswing in order to get good revolutions.

Keep the fingers firmly in the holes and your hand in ten o’clock four o’clock position. This means that your thumb should be at ten o’clock and your fingers at four o’clock position. This position will allow the ball to receive the rotation it needs to hook slightly into the pins.

The fingers now release easily from the ball as your arm continues to arc up through the follow through. Muscle memory plays a large role in learning a new release. It is very important to practice your release often until you have it down. This is a very basic release and one everybody should learn first before trying more complicated releases.

Bowling Release Tips:

  • You can have a perfect approach but if your release is bad than your result will probably not be very good. Make sure to practice your release a lot.
  • Watch better bowlers who use a down and in style of bowling. Pay specific attention to what happens when they’re about to release the ball. Try to figure out what they do well and what they’re doing wrong (if anything)
  • A video camera can help your bowling game dramatically. The ability to go over your release in slow motion is invaluable.
  • Do not allow your wrist to bend back under the weight of the ball. If you’re not strong enough to keep the wrist firm consider a lighter ball or a wrist brace.

Please read our next article about Bowling Hook Tips.

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