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Tips For Bowling - Part 1


Bowling is a sport where even somebody just beginning to bowl can surprise themselves and others by scoring an amazing game. If you follow some of these tips for bowling we can start scoring these great games more consistently. A quick note most of these tips we’re assuming that you already have your own bowling ball and it’s drilled to match your hand. If you don’t have your own bowling ball it is highly suggested that you talk to your bowling alley about purchasing one. Generally if you purchase a ball through your local alley they will be nice enough to drill it to fit your hand for free.

Tips for Bowling – Your Grip

When you pick up your bowling ball carry the weight in your opposite hand that you grip the ball with and never pick up the ball by the holes with your release hand. When you’re preparing for your approach you want your grip hand to be as relaxed as possible. Place your thumb into the holes first then followed by the two middle fingers. It is also beneficial to have somebody at the bowling alley or have a friend teach you how to use insert tape. Your fingers will change thickness from day to day and maybe even game to game. It is important to be able to make your grip relaxed and comfortable at all times.

Tips for Bowling – Target

Whether you spot bowl (pick a spot on the lane and try to roll the ball over it) or pin bowl (look at the pins during the approach) it is important to keep your eye on the target throughout your entire approach. You may find it surprising at how hard it can be to roll the ball over the same spot three or even two times in a row. The only way to become more consistent is to practice. Make sure you’re always rolling the ball towards a target; do not just roll the ball without focusing and you’ll see your scores improve.

Tips for Bowling – Hooking

If you’re a hook bowler and are having trouble with your ball reacting to the lane conditions you can put a green scotch bright pad in your bag. If you gently rub your ball with the pad to remove some of the shine it can mellow your bowling ball reaction and help your through more consistent hooks. If you over did it a bit and are not getting the reaction you want you can get the shine back by putting the ball into your ball cleaning machine at your bowling center. If your interested in hooking a bowling ball please read our article entitled bowling hook tips.

Tips for Bowling – Shoes

Make sure to keep your shoes clean. It can be very detrimental to your scores and even dangerous if your shoes get dirty. Do not walk around the bowling alley in your shoes unless you have covers to put over them. I know they look a little funky but it’s better than possibly getting injured. An additional tip is to always check your approach for debris before your begin.

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Tips For Bowling - part 1
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