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Tips for Bowling – Part 2

Welcome to part two of our series entitled Tips For Bowling. If you haven’t read part one please read Tips for Bowling – part 1.

Tips For Bowling – Use your imagination

After you pick up your bowling ball from the ball return and get set for your approach play out your approach in your imagination. Walk your approach, see the ball hit the target, and imagine that deadly strike!

Tips For Bowling – Keep your ball dry

If your bowling ball is not curving consistently or you’re not getting the curve you need bring a cloth with you and dry the oil off the bowling ball before every swing.

Tips For Bowling – Bending Knees

When you’ve taken your steps and are about to release the ball try to squat down instead of dropping your shoulder. Dropping the shoulder could make you pull the ball across your body and head left of your target. Also bring your non-slide foot behind your slide foot this will help keep your body balanced and square. Try to watch the better bowlers at your bowling alley to see how they handle this last step.

Tips For Bowling – Pose!

Let’s imagine (maybe we don’t have to imagine) that you are an awesome bowler and everybody at the bowling alley wants to take pictures of you and your strikes. Well what do you think they would rather have a picture of your hand posed highly in the air on your follow through or your shoulders slumped both arms at your side and watching the ball go down the lane. Pose after your follow through it will be a great addition to your game.

Tips For Bowling – Corner Pins (7 and 10)

If you’ve left a corner pin break the habit of standing in front of the pin and trying to roll the ball straight at it. This style of spare shooting has very little margin for error. Instead start at the opposite side of the lane, draw a line from your right foot to the pin as kind of a mental line to follow and keep your eye on the target line. This will take a lot of practice but you’ll soon start to hit those corner pins with amazing consistently. Please read our bowling spare tips for our spare system.

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