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In this article I will explain how to use a basic four-step approach that will help your consistency, which will increase your average.

Before starting your approach you want to be in the starting stance position. The starting stance position is generally referred to as the Athletic Pose. Note some of this advice will need to be reversed for left handed bowlers.

The athletic pose is standing with your weight slightly leaning forward with your weight on the left foot, and the right foot slightly behind the left. The bowling balls weight should be supported with your left hand and off to the right of your body slightly. The knees should be bent.

With the first step and push away you will step with the right foot and push the ball straight out away from you. The bowling ball should be about four to six inches in front of your right foot. The left hand should still be supporting the majority of the weight of the bowling ball. Some key points are noted below:

  • Make sure the right foot and ball move forward at the same time, this will coordinate your upper and lower body together for good timing.
  • The first step should be your shortest step of your four step approach. Keep the balance maintained from the athletic pose.
  • Don’t push the ball too far away from the body. The push away going into the back swing will be a rounded motion.

During the second step your left foot will move forward as you let the ball arc down. At the end of your second step the ball should end up beside the right leg.

The third step is taken with your right foot and the ball will reach the highest point of your back swing.

The fourth step is taken with your left foot and slides as the ball arcs down. The right arm should be pointed at the floor and ready to release the ball. As the ball begins to arc down slide your right foot sideways behind your left leg, at the same time sit down by lowering the hips slightly. Continue on to your follow through with no hesitation.

Having a good approach is one of the most necessary fundamentals of the game. You can even drill and practice this at home with no bowling ball.

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