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Bowlers throwing a ball that curves are the trademarks of good bowlers. We’re going to give you some bowling tips on hooks, and bowling hook tips so that you can crush those pins also. Please keep in mind we’re talking about good hooks that wipe out the pins. Not the two finger throws that you see many novice bowlers at cosmic bowling using.

In tournaments hook bowling balls will be used the vast majority of the time. This is because of a few factors. The entrance angle into the pocket is greater than if you throw the ball straight. The ball digs through the pins because of the rotation on the ball rather than deflecting off of the pins. You’ll get much more pin action with our bowling tips on hooks than you will by throwing the ball straight at the pocket.

They type of bowling ball you use weighs heavily on how much or how little you can hook the ball. Newer technology has helped create some massively hooking balls. Until most recently, plastic bowling balls were used the most, but currently balls made of urethane are become more popular. There are also bowling balls created out of reactive or particle material. You want to be sure that you’re choosing a bowling ball that fits your style of play and the lanes you’re bowling on. Many advanced bowlers use up to 6 balls!

In order to hook a bowling ball, put your thumb into the ball first and next the fingers. Your fingers are what is going to cause the amount of rotation on the ball and your thumb will control the direction of that rotation. Start with your thumb in the eleven o’clock position and try to keep it there all the way through your follow through. This will help you start to develop some of the rotation needed to hook a bowling ball.

Try to keep your wrist firm throughout the release. If you tug on the fingers you can add more revolutions to the ball and you will have more hook. The arm, fingers, and thumb is what will control the ball and the hook, but don’t fail to work on your approach and delivery. Your approach and delivery will help your shots become more consistent.

To make a long story short, the most important bowling hook tips are to control the bowling ball with the thumb and power the hook with your fingers. After you’ve become more consistent throwing hooks you can vary your finger and thumb placements and try varying degrees of hooks. The bowling ball itself has an amazingly huge factor on how much your ball can hook so it’s extremely important to have your own custom fitted bowling ball.

Make sure you've read our Bowling Release Tips so that you have a strong fundamental release.

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